Welcome to PFGM!!
What is PFGM?

       The PFGM means “ Penuel Full Gospel Ministries”. It is fully depended upon faith. It was started in 1953 through His vision. The ‘Penuel’ Means “The Vision of God” (Gen. 32.30). It is faith and indegeous Ministry and carrying the Gospel where it was not reached; it was fully working in remote, hill places and in interior jungle areas. It is the fast growing ministry in Andhra Pradesh, India. The villages population are tribels, and ignorent people. They are depended upon idoltory, sorcerers. The government also not taking care of them because they are illeterate and ignorent people. So, many Missionaries, pastors and evangelist are not going into these villages for Chirst. But we are challenging to enter into these villages to take the Gospel into these villages, our PFGM is facing many troubles through spiritually and financially. Many of our pastors, evangelists and women Pastors are working voluntre services, and sacrificed their lives to serve His service without any salaries or help for their homely needs. It is great previlige to our PFGM. Now our PFGM have 65 pastors, and 18 women pastors are working in Andhra State India.


      Pastor. P. Joseph Roberts is the founder and President of the PFGM. This ministry is dedicated to the evangelisation in rural and slum areas through distribution of tracts, personal evangelism open air campaigns, and other charitable social services for the poor and needy people. We are showing our Jesus Christ’s love through this faith ministry. The PFGM teaches Biblical fundamentals are without denominatinal doctrines.


 The PFGM is governed by an excutive body consisting of a president, a secretary and a treasurer along with the other members. All our accounts are maintained up to date and periodically audited by authorised auditors. At present this work in India is supported by prayer and free will offerings of God’s people. There is no regular guarenteed support or help from any-where and from abroad. We are seeking for His regular supports to continue this ministry from children of God. Our India have a great need of Salvation. We are heartly inviting those who have burden and vision for India and It’s salvtion and to encourage our PFGM and to minister in our nation India for Christ. We need your covet prayerful helps and supports.