Welcome to Feel The Joy Ministry

Feel The Joy Ministry:

            “Feel the joy” ministry is one of the wing in PFGM. Through this ministry we visit various victims who have been effecting  by Typoons, Natural floods calamaties,

 Tsunamis and fire accidents. We reach the spot where such accident occurs. We meet the Victims and console them by helping in their need and in diffucult situations. We have been providing Rice, blankets, vessals and other needs to show the love of Jesus and make them to feel the joy. I need your prayer support and financial assistance for this project. Please have a kind heart and help such victims. Who have been effecting greatly and loose everything. May God bless you as you stretch your mercyful hand to them.


Home for Aged :

            In India 60% of people are staying in very poor conditions. That means the 50% : people have not their daily bread to eat. They have not homes to live.They have not clothes to wear. These people always serching for their daily bread to feed their families. So, many were because slaves. They never known to eat fully and to wear full dress because of their meagar daily wages. In this connection, mainly many old people are not able to go and do any work. So, many were became beggars, and in cyclone effects, earthquakes, many old people lost their family members and they became orphans. Our PFGM have a much burden for this old people to care their live and to give peace in their old age. If we have sufficiant funds we will provide meals, clothing and shelter to them until their death. We want to give peace of mind in their oldage, and make them to grow in spiritually in their oldage. Our ministry needs donors to stand with us to help the old people and their needs from the donners and from children of God. Need of Support per month per each purson US$ 50/-.


Home for Handicapped & social Services :

            India is very backward in collect of modern new medical Instruments. Because it is very very poor country with large population. But, the many people are suffering from long deseases like, polio, T.B., many were became crippiled, and many people suffering mentally handicapped. In this poor country parents are not able to reach to pay their medical treatment. Because in Indian medical treatment is in sky high, it is only for rich people. The normal poor people have not Pure Drinking Water Well any medical facility in lowest cost. So,many parents, left their children.So, the children are suffering with handicapped. Our PFGM has a vision to provide a school and technical works to learn hard works like these handicapped people, those who are suffering in villages. Number of people are staying in villages. They have not no proper facilities for these handicapped. They have discouraged their lives. We want Cycles for Trible Pastors to encourage them and show the love of God. So, we are planning to establish a Home for Handicapped. But, the lack of financial supports we are not able to provide like these Home. If we start this Home mainly we want to provide free meals, breakfast, clothes to them primarily. After that we want to learn hand works. So, we need equipment and financial support. We are inviting donors to stand with us to continue these work. We need generous and kind helps for these people. New Cloths to the Pastors Please pray for these people.Ifyou feel free please support through your helping hand for thease handicapped people. We are greatly thankful to you. We are planning to start for 25 children. Need of support: Per each person per month including all materials U.S. $ 100/

Medical Clinics:

  I would like to bring few facts regarding Medical Clinics which we need in rural villages and Tribal Villages. It is very hard for the villages to go for Medical Treetment if they need any urgent Treatment. If any body fallen sick sudenly due to bad climate, various impuritaes and bacteria these people canot go to any Hospitals due to Lack of transportation fecilities.There are some unqulified Doctors taking the advantage of these villagers ignorance they give wrong treatment. In some occations these village people and trible people when they suffer from typhoid, asiatic cholera, skin deases and desentry, they do not have any quick fecilities to provide Medicines. Our PFGM has a grate concern for these tribal villages and rural villages to provide Medicines in their hard situation. so we contact some social organizations who provide medicines at free of cost, and we take the medicines and distribute to these victims will the help of the qualified Doctors. So when we see the situation of these tribals we feel their need of Hospitals. So we want to hire some Doctors to send them to the villages to give proper treatment to this vectims. In order to have permenant Hospitals or Clinics we need some donars and people those who are having great concern for these people. There are nearly 50 trible villages in our area whare our PFGM is Ministring. We Conduct some medicial camps in these villages with some qualify Doctors providing free of medicions to the diffrent deaseased people. We see the great need and great impact amoung these tribals. We provides clothes and free medicians. In some occasion these trible people will bite the poison snakes, at that time suitable drugs are not available. When we take such persons to the town Hospitals meenwhile such persons may die do lack druck this snake bite.Therefore I request the concern people to have a great heart for such victims i invite them to donate some thing to establish permanent clinics and provide qulified Doctors. For this project we need US$ 500 /- to establish a small clinic and US$ 200/- for a visiting Doctor. Regording we need another US$500/- per month.

Primary Schools :


       In India the christian people are suffering for education, because of our Indian Government is collecting very high feeses from who are becoming as christians. Any body became as Christian, the Government is cansel reservation and free education. They are strictly collecting high feeses from christians. So, many Hindu, Muslim people are not accepting, Christ, because they are fearing to pay education expenses for their childrens. So, our PFGM has started a primary school for children to provide free education, those who are accepting Jesus christ and becoming as christians. Our PFGM have much burden in our hearts to start like this primary schools in various places where our PFGM churches planted. But the ^ack of financial supports we are not in a position to maintain qualified teahcers and construct school building. If we get supports for schools, we will start regularly up to 7th grade. The monthly provision of this each school is U.S.$ 500/ - per month including all staff and records maintanence. We need donors for this project, those who have burden for little kids and their gowth. We are heartly inviting those