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Jungle Ministry:

             Forest areas called as Jungle. Here in this jungle area many different tribes are living and very backward and un- cultured people and situations. Mostly they are attracting by communist extremist movements and becoming murderes, decoites, terrorists(Maoists)and Nexal group members. There is no tranportations to reach those jungle and hill villages. They believe Idols, whichcraft and sourcerers. They worship the rocks, trees, snakes, animals etc.., PFGM ministers entering to those troubled and terrible villages with the word of God and leading them slowly to the feet of Christ as their personal saviour and taking water baptisms.They need prayer support to walk in Christ. And they are very very poor. They live under the trees, small muddy huts with half weared dress. They hopefully looking to the people to get food and other needy things. Your prayers helps them to be strengthen.Your support will be help them to give the better life in this society for the sake of Jesus Christ.