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Prison Ministry:

                           “ To hear the groans of the Prisoners” and release those condemned to Death”. Ps .102:20 (NIV)

              Iam very happy to report that we have great impact in Prison Ministry. I understand the need of this ministry and as a team I have been visiting prisoners in various towns and cities in our state of Andhra Pradesh in India. According to st Luke 4:18, I found it is true how the word of God works magnificently in the hearts of the inmates. Inmates are very hunger to have peace and happiness in their lives.They found nothing in this world will give what they need. But they understand that the word of God only will satisfy them. Prison ministry is very essential in India. This is Unique ministry and silent ministry , but it effect and impacts a lot on the lives of the inmates In the state of Andhra pradesh totally we are having 152 prisons with more than 150 inmate prisoners. I used to distribute, tracts, booklets and Jesus story books to the prisoners. We are translated very much effected and transformed the lives of the prisoners book named "DOING HIS TIME" in Telugu language through this book hundred of prisoners gave there life for Christ. When we visit them, I pray for them as they request for various problems. I have been receiving many letters from the inmates telling that they have peace and happiness in their lives after reading the material that we have provided. Some say that they want to receive Jesus as their personal savior and want to get baptisms. For this ministry I need your prayer support and financial assistance to launch this ministry more effectively. If financial assistance available, I will visit inmates with a team regularly to preach the Gospel in Prisons. I shall be very grateful if you could respond to my appeal.