"Establishing Gospel Service among rural, Slum and tribal people."



     According to MARK 16:15 our PFGM has started gospel services among rural, slum and tribal people.


       ".....Then He went about the villages in a circuit,teaching," MARK 6:6 (NKJV) 



       In India, especially in Andhra Pradesh State, 60% of populaton were filled with tribels, like Koya, Lambadi, Chenchu, Erukula, Yanadi and gonds etc. These people are all illiterate and half weared dressed. They live in very far from common people. They stay at the top of the hills, middle of the Jungles and in remote areas. They have not any other facilities like Transportation, hospitals, schools and electricity. Among them they have many different languages. They offer men and women as burnet sacrifices for their idol Gods. So, many people have not interest to go in these areas. These are very dangerous areas. But, our PFGM Pastors are take the challenge to go to like these places to preach the gospel. Some of our PFGM staff learned their languages and spreading the gospel house to house and meeting person to person. Through this ministry tribal people are accepting Jesus and some people received Jesus as their personal Saviour.