Welcome to Youth & Women Ministries
Women Ministry :

           There are two main methods of evangelisation one is home Bible studies and another one is evangelistic service in houses. Generally, in Indian Culture, men are not allowed to talk with other women. So, men even preachers also face troubles to visit beliver’s houses. In this connection mostly we need women pastor.They can go freely to talk with other women about Jesus Christ and through thair personal wittness. Then many Hindu women will accept Christ and became Christians. These Bible women were left their houses and families for Christ to give their testimonies to other women. So, we want to provide their home needs for their maintenence and their expenses. In this connection we need support or help for our Bilble women.In our ministry 18 women pastors are working volunteerly service. In this connection, we need support for each this women inistry on regular and monthly basis.



Youth Ministry :

          PFGM Ministers is working among young and women people . Ministers are going to schools, colleges and young people gathered places and explaining about Jesus Christ Crucifixion and His salvation to this darken world. Many young people changing their lives and fallowing Jesus Christ to be saved. Young people are living in a great darkness and addicting to alcohal, drugs and bad habits. Please pray for this darken young people and ministry among them. And our women ministers went into villages to meet women at their houses. They meet person to person and they will explain about Jesus Christ and they lead them to join in worship group.