We all know animals. they were our companions for the journey called life. Mankind has benefited a lot from them. they give us meat,milk and skins for our use. as of now we here in India rear goats, sheep, water bufellows, cows and chicks.

In this project we buy goats and distribute them to the needy families and widows. We usually give one goat to one family. they feed it for six months and it gives birth to babies, it happens twice in a year. we pass this babies to other families. they raise them in the fields and give atleast two baby goats to other families.

Four years back we started with 6 baby goats. now they are 23 in number. 30 families were benefited as of now. The requirement is they have to share 2 baby goats to other families, rest of the babies they can keep and continue their flock.

The goats give very nutritious milk and these people sell it and make money. they contribute some of their income to the Church and our country Churches are developing. seeing these families developing other needy families are ready to communicate with us.

In view of the above we need more of these Live Stock project sponsors to help these needy families. Each goat costs 150 US dollars. visit our website and do use PayPal donate button.

Water Buffalo:

The other live stock we rear is Water Buffalo. they give milk. we sell it and make money. we are in need of sponsors those who contribute $1500,which can help one big needy family(around 10 people) for their well being and in turn help the local Church to a great deal.

Farms for Chickens

Most people eat Chicken in India,we make number of delicious dishes from tender Chicken. If God willing some sponsors came forward this farm helps our unemployed Church youth get to work and through that income Churches will become self supported, The many poor Pastors get benefited from this kind of project,they get their monthly bills,travelling expenses,family support. For full project kindly contact us pastorpjr@gmail.com.