“ Go ye there for and teach all the nations and make them Disciples”(Mathew. 28:19)

According to Jesus words, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few”

we have a very much burden in our hearts to start short term Bible School for the Tribels. We have a vision and promise of God for these bible school.At present we are conducting in our church building.

We were started this Bible School in 2006 through His vision called “Penuel Bible School”

We are catching youngsters from villages and bringing them to train in our Bible School. Providing free food and accommodation and preparing them as soul winners. After their completion of the Bible School, they are going to their villages working as evangelists and preaching the word of God in their own community language to their community people. From 2006 to 2018 totally 279 students were graduated through Penuel Bible School. Glory to God.

Now, due to lack of funds we are not in a position to run the Bible School.

Would you come forward to give your helping hand to make Disciple for Christ?


        To establish bible school regularly in permanent Building in Andhra Pradesh India.


       To prepare good and better service, we need quality teaching without false doctrines. Our slogan “Come to learn, Go to preach”


      In our P F G M qualified staff are working to teach in Bible School. Many young men and women coming to learn Bible lessons. In tribal areas also the tribal young people are very interesting to study in Bible school. But, our Lord Jesus says. “ The Harvest is very great (Luke 10:2)”. “The Labourers are very few’’ according to His words our hearts filled with much burden to prepare preachers to carry the Gospel to every corner of India. If the Children of God given minimum support for bible school we are greatly thankful to them. So, there is necessary of funds for Bible school for 20 students. We are inviting those who have real burden for India and its salvation. Please stand with us to co-operate with our P F G M to prepare preachers to build His kingdom.