Feel The Joy Social Services

Feel The Joy Ministry:

“Feel the joy” ministry is one of the Social Service wing in P F G M. Through this ministry we visit various victims who have been effecting  by Typhoons, Natural calamities like floods, disasters, earth quakes, Fire accidents etc…,
We reach the spot where such accident occurs. We meet the Victims and console them by helping in their need and in difficult situations. We have been providing Rice, blankets, vessels and other needs to show the love of Jesus Christ and make them to feel the joy. We need your prayer support and financial assistance for this project. Please have a kind heart and help such victims. Who have been effecting greatly and loose everything. May God bless you as you stretch your merciful hand to them to give them better life.

Home for Aged:

Our P F G M have a much burden for this old people to care their lives and to give peace in their old age who were neglected by their children. If we have sufficient funds we will provide meals, clothing and shelter to them until their death. We want to give peace of mind in their old age, and make them to grow in spiritually in their old age. Our ministry needs donors to stand with us to help the old people and their needs from the donors and from children of God.

Home for Handicapped & social Services

They have not no proper facilities for these handicapped. They were discouraged in their lives. So, we are planning to establish a Home for Handicapped. But, the lack of financial supports we are not able to provide like these Home. If we start this Home mainly we want to provide free meals, breakfast, clothes to them primarily. After that we want to learn hand works. So, we need equipment and financial support. We are inviting donors to stand with us to continue these work. We need generous and kind helps for these people. If you feel free please support through your helping hand for these handicapped people. We are greatly thankful to you. We are planning to start for 25 children. Need of support and prayers.

Medical Clinics:

We will Conduct medical camps in remote villages with some qualify Doctors and providing free of medications to the different deceased people. We see the great need and great impact among these tribal. We provides clothes and free medicines. In some occasion these tribe people will fall snake bite with the poison snakes, at that time suitable drugs are not available. When they take such persons to the town Hospitals meanwhile such persons may die. Therefore I request the concern people to have a great heart for such victims I invite them to donate some thing to establish permanent clinics and provide qualified Doctors. For this project we need supporters to stand with to equip with surgical material and maintenance cost to share and care in their burdens.

Primary Schools :

In many villages, especially in remote village there is any even primary schools. The villagers also not in position to send their children to the schools because of their very low poverty. So, the parents not interest to send their children to the school in our of their village. Many children became child laborers and illiterate children. So in India education is buying and selling.

We have burden to establish a primary and middle school for such a poor children provide free education with all facilities. That is our vision and burden for village kids.

But the lack of financial supports we are not in a position to maintain qualified teachers and construct school building. If we get supports for schools, we will start regularly up to 7th grade. We need donors for this project, those who have burden for little kids and their growth. We are hearty inviting them to give their helping hand. Praise the Lord..