To spread the gospel for people through open air meetings through these Gospel Meetings.


    In short time, thousands of people will hear the word of God. Thousands of people will come together to hear the word of God from very long distance villages with hunger and thirsty for the Word of God. We will provide free meals and give the accommodation for them. Christians and non Christians will attend these gospel Meetings, we will invite national and international speakers to minister in these meetings. But it is very expensive to conduct in public grounds. In every meeting we will see the big crowed of people. Every Year we will conduct these Gospel meetings in the month of February last week for 3 days. We will invite those who will help financially for these conventions and they will come to minister here. Through these gospel meetings many people will receive healing , salvation and take water Baptisms those  who were accept Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour. Many people will deliver from bondage’s and demonic evil spirits. People will see the glory of God and the Holy Spirit revival.

Seminars For Pastors:

In these days many preachers have not known biblical knowledge. And  the anointing of Holy Spirit .So, we will conduct seminars for pastors, Evangelists, Bible women and pastors wives to teach deeper life in Christ. Every year we will conduct in the month of September or October for 5 days. It is also most expensive. Many God’s Servants receive blessings and gifts of God and receive Holy Ghost through these seminars. We  provide free meals, Breakfast, accommodation and to and fro travelling expenses for them. We have a great burden to train up our local and non-local minsters and leaders in right way. Then they will sow good seeds in their church fields. So we need donors to conduct like these Gospel Meetings and Seminars every year.If you have a real burden or vision to encourage and equip our Pastors and leaders we welcome you to train our Pastors through your dynamic teaching ministry. Give your helping hand for our nation India to build strong kingdom of God in India.