Joseph Robert was born and raised in Orthodox Pentecostal Pastor’s family in 1956. He has 3 brothers and 3 sisters. He is elder son of his parents. His parents were dedicated him for Christ while he is in his mother’s womb as their first fruit. After his birth they were dedicated him to serve for Christ. But his family situation was very sad because of his poorness. He never had proper food, clothes and education.
Many years his family does not have any food. Many times he and his family slept with empty stomachs without any food. He was recognized the situation in his family and community. He taught the situation became from Christianity, his father was accepted Christ and converted from Hindu religion. So, they lost everything . So, he became rebel and against the Christianity and he hate his parents. In his 13 years age he left his family and ran out from his house. He joined in restaurant worked as the dish washer. He spent his days as street boy. Slept on footpaths, rail and bus stations as homeless. So, he was attracted gangster groups and became gangster, smoker and drunker.

Due to his bad attitudes he was arrested by the police and was poisoned in 1973. Many times he was survived from enemy’s attacks. His parents thought he was died, but continuing prayers for him. In 1977 his mother found him and take him back to home. So, he does not have any education or work skills. While he was at his home again his enemies were attacked and tried to kill him. Marvelously he was survived. Then his parents tried to keep him safe from his enemy groups. Then they sent him to Bible College in Tamilnadu state.

He went Bible College as the refuge center to hide himself from his enemy groups. But he never interested to become Christian . But, God has chosen him and protected him through his parents’ prayers. In 1978 while he was in Bible College he was fallen severe sickness of double typhoid fever. Totally 22 days he was on floor without even cup of water. Then he find that he is going to die. One final day night he thought that this is the final day and no more another day in his life. Lastly he remembered his parents and family. Then he thought my father is a servant for Christ and my father testify all the time ‘Jesus Christ is the real God, he will heal and bless His children, but my father is His servant, why his family is suffering like this? If He (Jesus) is real God why not He survives me and His family? And he slept. The same night he saw Jesus Christ face to face and received healing instantly. Then he saw the power healing through Christ and accepted Christ is the real and living God and received as his personal Savior. After he received immersion water baptism in the name of Jesus Christ, and in 1979 he was filled with Holy Spirit. Then he was decided to serve him. In 1980 again he received Call through Isaiah 61:1 and Luke 4:18.

After his Bible College completion he came to home and assisted his father in his ministry. In 1982 he was married with Sharon Rose. They both were dedicated their lives for Christ to serve Him in rural and tribal villages. Carrying the gospel of Jesus Christ into every corner of India. In 1984 his father was promoted into glory. From then he is looking after his father’s work and ministry. Due to his personal experience God has given him burden for Orphan and street children; Prison ministry for Prisoners and many charitable services for needy people. God has blessed him with three sons, one daughter and five grand sons. Now their three sons were anointed with Holy Spirit and are working as pastors in three different divisions and in two states with same vision and burden. Please pray for them and ministry.